Gateways: The Gift of the Nephil

Otherworld Theatre occupies a glowing blue storefront just north of Wrigley Field. Fittingly located just across Clark Street from a particularly overgrown patch of Victorian-era Graceland Cemetery, Otherworld is dedicated to bringing quality Science Fiction & Fantasy theater to Chicago.

In their monthly reading series “Gateways,” writers are assigned a crowd-sourced prompt and must complete a polished short story in 5 days. Then professional actors perform a live reading in Otherworld’s lovely space, open to the public, which is then recorded and distributed as a podcast.

I participated in July 2019 for the prompt, “Time is the best medicine, but a time machine will do.” My story “The Gift of the Nephil” is set in-universe for my novel Seraph. Featuring fresh new characters, it centers on family drama among angels, demons, humans, and nephilim–half-human-half-angels. You can read and listen here.

While you’re at it, you should check out my friend Allison Manley’s Gateways story here.

Special thanks to actor Molly Southgate, host Ansel Burch, and Otherworld Theater Company.