Fallen angel Zefira is understandably annoyed with her latest assignment to a nondescript Chicagoan lab worker. Accustomed to glamorous posts orchestrating the demise of thousands of souls, she finds twenty-one-year-old David Brehon bland and tiresome. He spends his days diligently studying the nascent field of metaphysical forensics in the hopes of solving the mystery of his mother’s murder, while his goofball brother Jack tries to build a name for himself in Chicago’s visual art scene. Jack eagerly pursues his longtime crush Miryan Ibarra–coincidentally, the angel Amara incarnate–sent to protect the brothers from the likes of Zefira.

Salvation is relative.

The rift between Zefira and Amara runs deeper and darker than the feud between Hell and Heaven. Confronted with her ancient arch-nemesis, Zefira resolves to snatch David’s soul and exact revenge for crimes older than Creation itself, while Amara bolsters herself against Zefira’s seemingly insurmountable power to save the brothers she’s come to love as her own.

There are worse things than Hell.

The four tumble against each other’s memories and motivations, driving one another into untamed corners of the cosmos. Only when fate itself falls into David’s hands do they begin to understand the stakes of their personal battles, and by then, it’s too late to save anyone.


The first in an epic series, Seraph is a completed manuscript for which Terry is currently seeking representation. For inquiries, please see the Contact page.